Ideas for Projects

We help families tell their stories.


Legacy publications make a difference in lives generation after generation, their value increasing with time.

Oral History Gathering

Oral Histories – A simple interview will be a cherished record of not just history, but of the voice and personality of a loved one.


Personal and Family Photo-Biographies – These beautifully bound volumes are classic, legacy heirlooms that stay in families generation after generation.

A Mothers Faith Cover Dialgonal

Family Stories for Children – Give your children and grandchildren (and their children and grandchildren) the gift of heritage. Their most important education is the family stories that teach them about their own family roots.

Thomas George Britton - Mary Agnes Bechtel

Digitizing Heritage Photographs – Those old photos are priceless and irreplaceable. Don’t wait until the inevitable happens. Contact us to get them digitized, restored and stored in a safe place.


A Family Photo Album – Taking photographs but not getting around to creating albums? We can’t help much with remembering which baby is which, but we can help you to create stunning albums that will last forever.

Family Reunion in Rain

Histories for Family Reunions and Special Anniversaries – This is a must for your next family reunion: A handsomely bound history of the common ancestors and their related decendents. Family reunion publications can include photos, stories and histories.