We help families tell their stories.


Every life is different. There is no ‘one size fits all.’ Firm quotations are provided for each order. Here are some guidelines:


Photograph Digitizing: Less that $1 per photograph, depends on size of the print photo.


Restoration of old/damaged photographs, from $35 each (depends on the work required. Extensive restorations may cost as much as $150 per photograph).



Digital painting of photographs (makes the photo look like a painting), $35 each, plus shipping.


Oral histories, $50 per half hour interview. (Single person or group, same price).


Oral History Audio Files on Flash Drive: $10 per flash drive.


Typed text of oral histories, $100 per half hour of recorded interview.


Archival Quality Photobiography Books, $100 per page, plus the cost of binding (ranges from $200 to $800 depending on the size and type of binding). Pages with more than 8 photographs: $10 per additional photograph. Shipping extra.


Additional copies of photobiographies, $200 to $400, depending on size. Shipping extra.


Children’s family story books, $25 per page, plus an illustration fee of $200 per illustration. Shipping extra.


Additional copies of story books, starting from $60 per copy depending on the size of the book.



There are some simple factors that can affect the cost, explained below. We’ll do the math for you, and the pricing will always be very clear and in your control!


Initial Consultation (30 to 60 minutes): no charge

Travel Time: Outside of Calgary, travel time is $50 per hour, plus any direct transportation charges (such as airfare). There is no additional charge if interviews are conducted by phone.

Research: $75 per hour.









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